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As a water crisis affects an entire town, a determined 13-year-old scientist uses Android to help. Google’s docuseries ‘Search On’ tells the stories of people using Google technology to solve big problems, answer hard questions and take action. Watch the series: http://yt.be/SearchOn _____ When Gitanjali Rao learned of the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, she knew she had to do something—so she used Android tech to invent Tethys, a device named after the Greek goddess of fresh water, that could empower millions of people. Director: Elan and Jonathan Bogarin Cinematographer: Alejandro Mejia Editors: Garin Glassy and Jennifer Sommer ____ Go deeper into this episode of Search On at http://yt.be/searchonbonus and learn more about Anjali at http://g.co/cleanwater Meet the six young women who are using tech to tackle unsafe drinking water → http://yt.be/womenofwater Watch Gitanjali demo Tethys on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” → http://yt.be/fallonventions