So....How does it 'Compare' in Flight? The GoPro Hero 7 Black & Sony x3000.


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We have previously seen the unboxing and talked about my intended uses for the GoPro Hero 7 Black camera. I have owned the Sony FDR-x3000 for a few years now and previously compared their on-the-ground stability while walking, this is touted to be GoPro's biggest magic technology to date. Now we go for jolly in the P&M QuikR with multiple cameras attached, of course the aforementioned GoPro Hero 7 and Sony FDR-x3000, but also the GoPro Hero 4 Black for comparison and an additional angle for this episode. In the next part of this series - we will check out Caitlin's flight highlights - some of the wonderful coastline on the Fraser Coast, and continue to show more samples of the capabilities of the new GoPro Hero 7 Black! I have also since tested these two cameras side by side on the windscreen of a car - wait and see how that goes! Coming out this weekend. My Youtube channel: Let's go fly together and have fun, explore, adventures and sight see. Come Join CrayonBox on a ride. CrayonBox earned his wings to be a pilot in 2012. Located near Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia, this is a very beautiful scenic backyard to fly around so why not video along the way - so spectacular from the air! This project will take you to the skies while discussing ideas and flying as I ride solo or in company with a passenger or other aircraft. I hope you enjoy the journeys and struggles as we tour and go forward to commit aviation - Microlight Flight vLogs. Connect and join me in comments, or at air events! There are many new and innovative ideas and topics coming to keep you fastened in your seats and coming back for more. To stay tuned make sure to Like & Subscribe for future episodes! Keep me motivated... Buckle Up! Let's go. Connect & Keep up to date with Captain CrayonBox; ON Website: ON FACEBOOK: ON Email: ON Instagram: crayonboxflights //// SUBSCRIBE - add me to your list of favorites! \\\\ \\\\ And please click the thumbs up if you enjoyed the ride //// BIO; Location: Hervey Bay. Flying Base: Maryborough, Queensland, Australia. Aircraft: P&M QuikR Explorer 912ULS Day Job: Commercial Photographer/videographer, commercial drone pilot. Dream Job: Helicopter Pilot. Interests: Flying, Fast cars, Motorcycles, and good friends.