FALLOUT: NEW VEGAS #7: The Long Hoof of the Law

Tryon Time Gaming

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You know, I really love New Vegas, but sometimes its quests ask you to hoof it across miles and miles of terrain. It can get a bit tiresome. MODS USED: ======================= A World of Pain Adam Reborn Afterschool Special Ambient Wasteland Amidianborn Book of Steel Amidianborn Book of Flesh Ammo Ingredients as Loot Aptopm's Legion Retextured Armor Repair Kits AWOP Interim Fixes Better Gas Leak Bornagain Combat Armor Bottle That Water Burning Campfire Camp and BBQ Grills Casino Exchange All CASM With MCM Collision Meshes FNV Companion DLC Access Conelrad Civil Defense Radio The Courier’s Cache Courier’s Stash Integration Craft at Camp and BBQ Grills Crafting Schamtics Mantis Gauntlet Vp3 Cut Content (Cut Sewers, Strip Wall Billboards, Uncut Wasteland) Darnified Traits Menu DarnUI DarnUI Extensions Dead Money More and Better Crafted Knives Delay DLC Distributed Necklaces and Chains Dynavision Easy Unlocking and Easy Hacking Electro-City Enhanced Blood Textures Enhanced Camera EVE – Essential Visual Enhancements EXE – Effect Textures Enhanced Extended Dialogue – Vulpes Faction Armor Usage Enhancement Feral Ghoul Retexture Mod FlashlightNVSE FNV Realistic Wasteland Lighting Game Tweaks Gas Pumps of New Vegas GRA – The Right to Bear Arms Grunt Expanded Half-Hansified Holorifle Hectrol Binocular Scope Deluxe Hectrol Tumbleweed Deluxe Hectrol Vegas Sewers Deluxe Hi-Res Chems And Health Retexture Pak High-Resolution Newspapers Higher Companion Level Cap Hi-Res Raider Graffiti Improved Casinos Improved Lod Noise Texture Improved Sound FX Improved Transportalponder Interior Lighting Overhaul Jarelle Perk Pack JIP Companions Command and Control JIP Improved Recipe Menu JIP LN NVSE Plugin JIP Selective Fire Keep Big MT Active Knight Torres Inventory Expansion LAER Retexture Laurens Bathroom Poetry The Legacy Of X-13 Loot Menu Magazine Redux Missing Ammo Recipes MMRE Music Pack MNK Rhino Gauss Revolver Mobile Truck Base The Mod Configuration Menu Mojave Nights More Caravan Players Restoration More Perks NCR Civilian Clothing NCR Trooper Overhaul New Bison Steve Hotel and Casino NVSR – New Vegas Stutter Remover NV Interiors NV Uncut (A Koch And Bohr Story, A Thorny Situation, A Van Graff Scorned, A Wilder Wasteland, If It Wasn’t for Betsy, Outside Bets, Pacer’s Gambit, Rotface To Riches) NVAC – New Vegas Anti-Crash Old World Blues Path Lighting Omnis Hi-Res Pipboy One-Hand Melee HD OneHUD Pickable Cave Fungus Poco Bueno Portable Campsite Pre-War Money Retexture – RRS Project Nevada Purge Cell Buffers Radscorpion Egg Restoration Ragdolls Removable Pip-Boy Glove Retextured Fallout Ordinance Robco Certified Securitron Hi-Res Retexture Shiloh Ds – Clean Pipboy Screen Someguy Series (NV Bounties I, II, III, Russell, Better Angels, The Inheritance) Sortomatic Super Mutant Mesh Replacer Textures Over Time Tesla Rifle Thermic Lance Fire Effects THOR Tin Cans to Scrap Metal Tops Neon Restored Tutorial Killer UIO – User Interface Organizer Unofficial Patch Plus Urban Food Retex Vault 22 Flora Overhaul Alpha Wasteland Clothing HD Wasteland Flora Overhaul – Fertile Version Weapon Enhancement Pack Weapon Mod Menu Weapon Retexture Project Weapons of The New Millenia WMX – Weapon Mods Expanded Working Crimson Caravan Traders Working Grinding Wheel X-1 Tales of Wonder You Take A Sip from Your Trusty Vault 13 Canteen Yuchikihai Unofficial Patch