Odyssey Project: Safiya, Olivia, Gage (2.0), and Kaiya

Safiya Turkdamar

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Script: /[Insert slightly intense instrumental (?Pirates of the Caribbean?)- 1Narrator [sound enthusiastic]: Thousands of years ago in the Mediterranean Sea, Odysseus and his men traveled to Thrinacia (Thri - nae - sha), but encountered some big monsters on the way, but, you know they were warned first- by the witch Circe, who had much to say….. Circe [speaking sternly]: You and your men are in great danger. On your journey, you will face the Sirens who will try to lure you into their trap [insert angelic singing in background], but do not falter. To save yourself from jumping to your death, tie yourself to the mast of your ship, and you can hear their singing [insert angelic singing in background],. That is not the end though- as you will face a hideous six headed monster that will eat your fellow men. Sorry for the fright. [Raise volume of the instrumental] 2Narrator: [sound enthusiastic] So burly Odysseus left and boarded his large wooden ship [insert creaking wood sound] with all of his men to seek out the journey he faced ahead. But, Odysseus did not tell his men the trouble they will face…. [Ocean sounds] 3Narrator: On they went, to Thrinacia (Thri - nae - sha), a tropical island that is surrounded by water. On this island, they hoped to find Helio’s great cattle and sheep. [farm/mooing sounds] As the ship sailed across the blue waves, Odysseus begins to scratch his roughly bearded chin; thinking. Then he turns and speaks to his men on the deck: [Music quiets] 1Odysseus: [sound worried/concerned/serious] *Sigh* Alright men, I need to be honest with you all. The witch Circe told me that we will face terrible danger ahead with what are called Sirens. They are hideous monsters disguised as women who will lure you into a trap through their singing, only to kill you. But- I want to hear their song, and I was the chosen one to do it. And if we die, we will die with our eyes open. *Break* [mumbling between ] 4Narrator: With the sirens nearing closer, and Odysseus wanting to hear their singing, [ Insert angelic singing] his men got up and took Odysseus’ word, and tied him to the mast, stretching the rope tight around him and the pole, and filling their ears with beeswax [glopping’ sound]. [rope sound] Siren: [Extremely happy] Alright ladies! As rehearsed! 1, 2, 3! [Put in “All the Single Ladies” by Beyonce] 2Odysseus [shouting]: Let me go! I’m struggling against these ropes! 5Narrator: [enthusiastic] Once the Sirens had passed, the men let Odysseus go and and they peeled the beeswax out of their ears. [thumping and stepping] [Pause] Not long after the Sirens disappeared, they heard the sound of water being sucked from the ocean from the giant bulbous monster underwater; Charybdis (Kuh - rib - dis) was in the distance [loud waves crashing][whirlpool/drain emptying sound] The men began to panic, and scatter. [people loudly whispering and yelling] [Heavy, fast footsteps] [guttural sound for Charybdis] 6Narrator: [Enthusiastic]Odysseus goes from man to man, standing behind them saying: 3Odysseus[motivational, preaching voice]: My men, we don’t need to worry. Did I not kill that Cyclops with my wit? Have we not gone through much more danger? Hey you! Yes, I’m pointing at you, get back to the oars, and power us through the whirlpool. And you, get stationed at the steering wheel, and get us out of this mess. Men: [Cheering, high five sounds] 7Narrator: [enthusiastic] But, just as Odysseus’ men were gaining confidence, Charybdis (Kuh - rib - dis) spit out and sucked in water again, this time close by, throwing the ship into the spiral of the whirlpool. The men knew, facing the gaping hole, they were gone- and that’s when Scylla decided to strike, taking six of Odysseus’ men. [More intense, louder instrumental] [Monster screeches/sounds/crunching noises] 4Odysseus: [Angry, but also shocked] My men! They have been caught in Scylla’s gigantic and jagged mouth, it’s head must be at least ten feet long! And look at my poor friends, hanging from the teeth for their dear lifes. [Screams calling for Odysseus’ help] [Crunching/smashed sound] -Cut all sounds- *Break* [Insert sad music] [Slow wave sounds] 8Narrator: [Somber/sad] And like that, Odysseus’ pals were gobbled by Scylla, who then retreated into the water along with Charybdis (Kuh - rib - dis). Once the water settled, Odysseus could hear cattle and a sheep bleating, meaning Thrinacia (Thri-nae-sha) was near. So, Odysseus continued his journey to find his way home… ~Fin~