How to Make a Smartphone Connected Door Lock

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See how we built it, including our materials, code, and supplemental instructions, on In this video, we show you how to make a smartphone-controlled, internet-connected deadbolt actuator powered by a Raspberry Pi that can be added onto your existing door lock without any modifications to the door. The door lock can be controlled by multiple smartphones, and even notify you whenever someone locks/unlocks the door. All of this is done using a simple, drag-and-drop app builder ( which makes building your own Internet of Things (IoT) app easier than ever. For an extra impressive door lock, we'll also show you how to add a simple LED light to indicate if the door is locked, and a push-button to operate the lock manually. USEFUL LINKS *Note* we no longer sell these parts. In order to download the 3d printable files, visit our website: If you don't have a 3d printer, you should be able to print the parts on a local community printer or with an online service like Shapeways. Github repository: Blynk: Get our 3D printer: MATERIALS 1× Raspberry Pi 3 Model B 1× High Torque Servo, Tower Pro MG995R 1× Red, 3 mm LED Light 1× Mini Pushbutton Switch 5× Jumper Wires , 1× Glue 1x Outdoor Mounting Tape 1× 1/4" MDF Board (optional) OTHER Subscribe to Hacker Shack: Follow Hacker Shack on Instagram: Music by: David Cutter Music - *Disclaimer* The methods shown in this video should be used as a guide only. HACKER SHACK ACCEPTS NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR ACCIDENTS OR INCIDENTS ARISING FROM INDIVIDUALS UNDERTAKING ANY OF THE TASKS DESCRIBED. IN PARTICULAR, IF UNSURE YOU SHOULD ALWAYS CONTACT A QUALIFIED TRADESMAN BEFORE PROCEEDING.