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Heyys! Once again is took me forever to make this vid because I'm so lazy LOLLERS! Please enjoy! Rate Comment and Subscribe :D SCANDALOUS™ Productions~ Recca4 Cheerybloss1 http://www.youtube.com/user/cheerybloss1rox [Disclaimer by Sneezy26] The song "Burn" by Jessica Mauboy and its copyright belong to WMG/UMG. I, in no way, have anything to do with this company, and the copyright of the audio used in this video, is owned by them. However, I created the editing in this video. This video was used to entertain my subscribers and viewers, not in any way for profit or redistribution reasons. Club Penguin is a registered trademark of the Disney cooperation. The only way in which I am connected to this game is the fact that I play the game. Other than the fact that I play the game "Club Penguin", I have nothing to do with it as a company. They are not responsible for my actions, and anything impossible on the game that is featured in this video, is probably edited with the program Sony Vegas.