The Loneliest Girl- Carole and Tuesday OST [Kiwi Flute]

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Flute cover of The Loneliest Girl. Support me on Ko-Fi: Vote for or suggest what I should cover next: ------------------------------------------------------------------- Song: The Loneliest Girl Artist: Vo.Nai Br.xx & Celeina Ann Anime: Carole and Tuesday OST ------------------------------------------------------------------- The chorus of this song has been stuck in my head since I first listened to it. I was so hyped to realise the piano part Carole played was somewhat simple enough for me to play! Sadly my guitar skills are next to non-existent so I had to pass for Tuesday’s part (I did have a go though, my technique isn’t clean enough for a cover orz). I actually really like nearly all the characters in this anime (even Cybelle), there’s such a unique range and they don’t immediately play into overdone character tropes. It’s evident a lot of care was put into creating fitting styles of song for each character too. I’m tempted to cover Angela’s song for the final since it was really catchy and quite beautiful too but if I were to do that I may as well start covering Taylor Swift songs on this channel lol... ------------------------------------------------------------------- Sheet music here: ------------------------------------------------------------------- To see all my sheet music visit: Discord server: Follow me on social media: Instagram: ------------------------------------------------------------------- I don't own the music soundtrack and images used in this video, all rights go to the respective creators and owners. Thumbnail artwork credit: